Hamilton: Panarchy - resilience cycle of living systems


I used to be rather resistant to the whole concept of sustainability, because I felt that it was rather not a metabolic process, rather static, rather heavy-bounded, in its first definitions. And then I discovered the whole resilience cycle. So there is a resilience cycle that has been really well-documented in interdisciplinary research, often referred to as panarchy these days.

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    She is Brilliant. She is Evolutionary and a national Treasure. Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, of course. Here is a short clip about sustainability and resilience, where she articulates her ideas, touching on the theory of Spiral Dynamics. A must watch. http://vimeo.com/47515495

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    just now Nick Gall @ironick

    I just liked "Hamilton: Panarchy - resilience cycle of living systems" on Vimeo: http://t.co/tsZlEQbO